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DrainMiser Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greengineering Limited. This dynamic and flexible team, the creators of DrainMiser® products, have a wide range of practical and professional experience.

Photo of DrainMiser Core Team

DrainMiser® aim to use our products to reduce the energy used for heating water by reducing wasted energy. A few years ago recycling of waste was unusual, but now this is commonplace. The availability of low cost DrainMiser® units to recycle waste thermal energy from water, means that this too can become the norm, resulting in reduced energy use and reduced CO2 emissions, globally.

Diagram of the implementation of the DrainMiser system in a hotel

DrainMiser® products have already been recognised as award winning technology. In 2014, after winning the regional final, DrainMiser® products were named as one of the Top 9 European Clean-Tech Innovations.

In 2015, DrainMiser® products have been shortlisted for Innovation of the Year in the 2Degrees Champions Awards.

We are now seeking key partnerships to help to exploit the innovative technology and bring DrainMiser® products to market globally.